What’s your preferred style?

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Are you all about simplicity? Something stylish, not too big, not too small. Something that says “I care about pampering me”, without screaming “NOTICE ME !” ? Something subtle maybe? Just enough to bring out that gorgeous eye color? A hint of dashing beauty too match your favorite outfit?

Do you love to show off your colors? Do you love to have that perfectly colored stone, that just says “I am beautiful” ? Do you love jewelry that you can bet nobody else will be wearing? Are you a  simple yet shining leader in trending example?

Perhaps you are the one who loves an “everything to match” set. Earrings, preferably two sets so you can decide which is better for your mood or outfit. Bracelet that is a perfect match to your necklace and earrings? And they must be just the right color. A color that says “I know my style”. Something that you know no one else will be wearing. Something unique,  just like you.

Maybe you are the one who loves to mix n match. Some earrings you got here, and a necklace you found in a different section. And that bracelet you bought that you knew you would find something to wear it with. Something  that says “I make my own style and I am darn good at it!”

Or maybe you like a larger, heavier style, with porcelain and glass. A style that lets you know you have it going on and lets the world around you know, that you know you have it going on? Something that people just can’t help but notice and compliment, but also something you can wear during your everyday activities?

Maybe you like a nude look, with simple chain and a few garnishments. Something to highlight that sexy nape and cleavage area? Something that slides down that low cut blouse and just makes you feel sexy?

No matter what your style preference is; you are beautiful! You deserve some bling! Some compliments! Some love!

You deserve to feel beautiful and sexy and noticed. Because you are~!! You are beautiful! You are sexy! And best of all you are unique! 

You are definitely in the right place for unique. So, now that you have read, liked and shared my blog on in all of your favorite social circles; have  a look around. I am positive you will find your style here! 




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