How to complete your check out if you don’t have Pay Pal.

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I have had several people who are unsure how to proceed if they do not have a Paypal account. In the blog below you will find a step by step instruction guide on how to check out using a debit/credit card or bank account.

Please keep in mind. Paypal is the safest way to make online purchases. I, as the business owner, do not ever have access to your personal information.

This will be the first thing you see once you click the “checkout” button.

Once you have entered any coupon code and have decided everything looks kosher, go ahead and click the blue “proceed to checkout” button on the top right.

On this page you will enter your shipping information. You will also choose the payment method you will use to complete your order.

If you are paying by debit or credit card but do not have a pay pal account, never fear! ūüôā

Go ahead and click the Paypal button anyway.

Side note: If you choose to send a check, your order will not be shipped until your check arrives and clears. The COD option will only be available for a short time. 

Be sure to check the box agreeing to terms and conditions or you will not be able to proceed with payment.

Once you have checked the box, go ahead and proceed to Paypal.

You should see a screen that looks like the one to the left.

Below the Paypal information box you will see a smaller link box, giving you the option to use a debit or credit card instead of Paypal.

You will want to click this link.

The link will take you to a page that looks like this. From here, you simply choose your payment method and follow the checkout directions.

If you get an error code or a denial, you will want to double check your card numbers, expiration date, zip code and CCS code.


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I truly hope this helps you and hope to see you again soon!

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