Are you Stressed?

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What do we do all the time but never think about doing? No, it’s not breathing, it’s thinking.

When did you last think about what you were thinking about? When was the last time you you stopped yourself, mid-thought, and said “no, I will not think that”?

Most people don’t think about what is actually going on inside their mind. Strange that controlling your thoughts is so insanely important, but so few people actually do it. You don’t even realize you are not in control of what is going on in your head. We simply assume, it’s inside our head so we must be controlling it, right? I know I did.

I struggled for many years because I didn’t understand what the heck I could be doing wrong. Then a friend lent me a book called Battlefield of the Mind, by Joyce Meyers. I started reading because it seemed interesting and the worst that could happen is I would learn nothing, right.

Have you ever had a full blown battling conversation with someone in your head?

I mean to the point you actually start getting mad over things that haven’t and probably will never even happen?

I did it on a regular basis. I never realized I was doing, it was just something I did. I was stressed out and angry and accepted people into my life who were not real friends, because of it. the lack of thought control caused me to do things I would never do now that I do think about my thoughts.

 If you are feeling stressed out but really can’t understand why –

Look at what is going on around you. Maybe kids, husband or significant other, maybe work or lack of work. Physical and emotional pain will stress you out if you let it. It’s a weird, backwards, stressful world we live in.

Remember, you can not control the actions of others but you can control your own actions. You can control your thoughts. You can live a less stressful more satisfying life.


Two very good books to start with are Joyce Meyers – Battlefield of the Mind and  John Gray’s – Men are From Mars Women are From Venus

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