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$ 5.0

With your donations, no matter how small or large, I will be able to continue to bring you awesome products at affordable prices!

Time, research and site malware and hacking protection, overhead if you will, can cost quite a bit. With your donations I will be able to take more time in researching things you want to know about jewelry and photography as well as spend more time blogging and getting you the information you desire.

The income also provides more opportunity to spend the time it takes to find you the best possible product at the lowest possible prices. And lends me the extra time to photograph, create an ad and post the desired product; all of which I do myself.

I have set up easy $5.00 increments for your easy access to donating. Simply order the amount you would like to donate. Your donations are very appreciated and I may be able to begin sending free gifts with donations if you guys can share my website and get more people coming in. 

I am working on learning youtube and the best way to begin my own youtube page. So stay vigilant for that in the near future.

Thank you so much for your donation and for taking time to visit Freedom regularly.



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